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Lyrics for Icons

Iconable Lyrics
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welcome to 'lyricsforicons'

Are you looking for a source or community for lyrics that are fit for icons? Too tired having to search lyric sites yourself for the right lyrics? Now there's an LJ community based solely on those small lines of lyrics that can be used for any graphics, including icons.

Just a few set of rules apply before joining the community and beginning your posts.
[oo1] When posting a piece of lyric (or one verse, as much as you like) make sure to include the artist! Album name would be nice as well, and if its able to be obtained.
[oo2] Requesting for good lyrics on a certain theme is allowed, but if and only if you make at least one lyric contribution in your own post.
[oo3] Do the smart thing and don't demand credit for finding a piece of lyric. However hard it took you to get it, its still NOT yours if its sung by someone else.
[oo4] If you have lyrics from your own songs you would like to post, you can, but keep in mind that even if you ask for credit, not everyone will do so.

Happy Posting!

maintainer ~ iikhushi86ii

affiliates ~ khushi_icons

Layout credit goes to tasha from premade_ljs